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How Are Romney and Giuliani Different From McCain?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Mayor Giuliani and Governor Romney are eager to appear on media preferred by the center-right.  Senator McCain sticks primarily to Beltway elite shows.

Mayor Giuliani had a great appearance on Hannity & Colmes last night, while Senator McCain showed up on This Week with George Stephanopoulus.

(Governor Romney unveiled the Facebook campaign, still pushing far ahead of the other big two in the new media front.)

All three of the big three need to be continually in front of the center-right base that will form the voting environment surrounding the Iowa caucus, and the New Hampshire, South Carolina and Michigan primaries (and quite likely the California and Florida showdowns as well.)  The Governor and the Mayor seems disposed to engage the grassroots that way.  The Senator does not.  Yet.  Hopefully that will change.

You cannot win the right to succeed George Bush as leader of the GOP from green rooms inside the Beltway. 

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