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Honoring Reagan In Anaheim

Friday, July 1, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My new column looks at the summer of 1979, and reminds readers that the rise and landslide 1980 victory of Ronald Reagan was very unlikely at the time. Indeed the entire turnaround of the ’80s was unlikely. By 1979 Jimmy Carter had put the country deep into an economic ditch with high unemployment, high interest rates and soaring inflation. Iran had dissolved into Islamic revolution, Cubans were flooding Africa and the Soviets were about to invade Afghanistan.

But Reagan, who had been written off by many after he lost the primary challenge to Gerald Ford in 1976, led a turnaround that can and will be repeated if America votes to make a U-turn in November 2012.

It was a great way to open the 4rth of July weekend by participating in the dedication of Ronald reagan Park in Anaheim today. Mayor Tom Tait and his colleagues on city council are to be congratulated for honoring our 40th president this way, and thanks to Michael Reagan for delivering the keynote address.


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