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Hollywood’s Proud Moment and a Hollywood Analogy

Thursday, August 17, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Radioblogger has posted the statement and signatures which appeared the Hollywood Reporter, Variety and the Los Angeles Times.

Bravo to the signers.

Perhaps the community recognizes Israel’s loss is a terrible blow to the West, and perhaps they will push themselves to consider the consequences of actions like today’s court ruling in Michigan or the primary victory of Ned Lamont.  Israel is an important part of the picture, but only a part.  Insisting on  supporting candidates who will vote against victory in Iraq or bills establishing new procedures for the Gitmo unlawful combatants or voicing support for the NSA surveillance program does not help Israel or harm terrorism.

Aside:  Some callers and e-mailers dispute my assessment of the the second Lebanon War as a loss for Israel, citing any number of factors.  Look, use the easy movie analogy.  Did Rocky win in Rocky I?  Hezbollah is Rocky being told by Israel/Apollo Creed that there won’t be a rematch.

Let’s hope there is no parallel to Rocky II.

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