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Hitchens v. Cole (with Sullivan as Referee and Me as Ringside Announcer).

Wednesday, May 3, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Christopher Hitchens wrote about Juan Cole’s arguments about Iran here.

Juan Cole wrote about Hitchens here.

Andrew Sullivan comments here.

Hitchens joined me at the start of the program to discuss the exchanges. My producer is also attempting to contact Cole’s office at U of M to invite him on to reply. A transcript and audio will be up at shortly thereafter.

UPDATE: The transcript is up. A sample:

[S]ome of your listeners may know of Professor Cole of the University of Michigan. He is acclaimed, at least by himself, expert on matters Shiia, particularly, and he also says he’s fluent in Arabic, Persian and Urdu. And for all I know, he is. But he’s 10th rate, and he’s a sordid apologist for Islamist terrorism, and for Islamist terrorist regimes.

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