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“Hitchens Mistaken About a Date, a Name, and the Gospels”

Friday, June 8, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Most books contain some errors.  Certainly all of mine have, and usually they stick out like sore thumbs, leading authors to slap their foreheads and say “How could I have missed that in the page proofs!” 

Errors acknowledged are promised to be corrected in future editions aren’t usually material to an author’s argument.  But sometimes they are, and even a long pattern of factual errors can lead to a concern about an author’s expertise.  Dr. Mark Roberts’ latest post on Christopher Hitchens god Is Not Great lays out a sequence of errors from one short section of the Hitchens book.  You’ll have to decide the impact of the errors on the book’s overall argument.

Dr. Roberts’ new book is Can We Trust The Gospels, a work that takes the latest in New Testament scholarship and makes it very accessible to laymen.  You will find it a very useful companion to Hitchens’ book should you be reading that best seller.

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