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Hillary’s emails disqualify her from the presidency

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How fast does information move through the Iowa caucus electorate?

Hillary Clinton is hoping very, very slowly, because Friday’s bombshell news about 22 of her emails — stored on her private, illegal, compromised, national security-endangering server — turn out to be so sensitive that not one word of any of them will be released to the public.

Hillary is lying to the American people about her server and what was on it. Her spokespeople unleash Gatling guns of word clouds and smoke screens of on-camera smirks whenever the subject comes up, and the media try hard to mix into every report on Friday’s news murmurs about the Benghazi hearings and “vast right wing conspiracy,” but the dissembling and dodging won’t work.

The facts: Hillary built and maintained an unofficial, non-sanctioned server that was almost certainly compromised by our national security enemies according to both former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

What do these men mean by this? That there is near certainty that at least the Russians and the Chinese but also the Iranians and North Koreans were reading all incoming and outgoing email to Hillary in real time from almost the moment she hooked up her “home brew” server.

A former senior spook told me that it would be “professional malpractice” for the foreign intelligence counterparts to the NSA and CIA not to have found and penetrated Hillary’s server. He added our agencies probably know what is in the 30,000 emails she deleted but cannot say so because that would compromise our ability to watch them watching us. The dark side of the ledger is dark indeed, but we know enough to say with certainty what all of the serious intelligence professionals know.

Another retired spook assured me that whoever got emails from Hillary, including the president, could count on the bad guys attaching all sorts of bad bugs to Hillary’s email hellos. Welcome to the real world of cybersecurity nightmares.

Hillary compromised our national security. Badly. In ways the extent of which we can only guess but all of which were serious, lasting and deeply damaging.

Just ask yourself what we would give to know what the Russian or Chinese foreign secretary was reading and sending every day in real time. That’s what our enemies had for four years. Thanks, Hillary. Even the president was sending her emails the enemies of the United States were reading.

So she deleted 30,000 emails without anyone reviewing them. Now we have absolute confirmation that among those her clean up squad missed are documents of such sensitivity that the government can’t release a word of them.

Nothing to do with Benghazi, by the way. Not a Republican involved. The Obama administration’s determination.

Hillary Clinton is, to quote Marco Rubio from the last two GOP debates, disqualified from being president. And despite the late-breaking nature of the news, word is getting around Iowa. And New Hampshire.


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