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Hillary’s contempt for Bernie’s folk

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Basement-dwelling baristas of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your “I’m With Her” signs. “Bernie Sanders is the real deal,” you thought, but Clinton just thought you hopelessly naive, underemployed at best with few prospects, and oppressed by Obamacare premiums that no one expected to have to pay. You, said Clinton, wanted free stuff. You, said Clinton — in so many, many words — are not so bright.

Thus in the release of another fundraiser tape did Clinton’s and elite media’s forced march through beauty pageants past get derailed. The Washington Free Beacon’s Lachlan Markay was the first to write a story on the leaked tape, but only on Saturday morning has transcripts begun to circulate, and when I appeared on Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC that morning, news of the tape seemed to take her by surprise. (The entire clip from the Feb. 16, 2016 Clinton fundraising remarks is here.)

It remains to be seen if candid Clinton is relayed as often (or even 10 percent as often) as candid Mitt Romney was when 47 percent surfaced in 2012, but the latest hidden mic twist is already rolling out across the virtual political landscape.

As screen grabs spread across Fox News of the most condescending parts from the four-minute spiel of Clinton at her know-it-alliest, a few conservatives rose to Clinton’s defense to say it wasn’t that condescending, or that the former secretary of state’s duplicity towards the Berniefolk was actually reassuring.

See, she doesn’t really believe the nonsense she is spouting in an increasingly desperate attempt to get the millennials she needs to the polls.

Secretary Clinton is already memorable for her categorization of one quarter of the electorate as “irredeemable” “deplorables.” Now she’s on tape back-handing the millions of Sanders activists represented by the chanters of opposition at the Philadelphia convention that ended in faux unity for the Democrats.

After five days of high-fiving each other on Trump’s debate misfires and looking past the debate’s first 40 minutes and the fritzing mic, Democrats were slow to realize Clinton’s Titanic was, yet again, brushing up against icebergs.

I’ll play the entire audio over and over again Monday and Tuesday and not with the hope of converting the basement vote into Trump supporters. Rather, I want to remind everyone of the epic hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign, so eager to collect the offended into her tent, but so cavalier about giving offense to anyone “not with her,” and not just those not “with her” now, but absent as well in the spring and winter of ’16, and probably in 2008, and almost certainly throughout the long, long parade of horribles that the ’90s were for her.

If Madame Deckfarbe ever had a candidate for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it would be Clinton. The grievances the former secretary of state has has accumulated, and the power she would wield … well, if you aren’t “with her,” I hope you have a basement in which to hide.


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