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Hillary’s Anti-Mormon Supporters

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In A Mormon In The White House I pointed out that most of the high profile attacks on Mitt Romney’s faith have come from the left from such folks as the anti-Mormon bigot Jacob Weisberg, editor of Slate.  Since then Weisberg’s been joined by others including Al Sharpton, but still the MSM continues to push the line that the anti-Mormon vote will come from the right, where the truth remains much more complicated.

Here’s an AP story that documents that part –most?– of the “I won’t vote for a Mormon” responses in polls come from folks attached to the politics of the left:

DOVER, N.H. (AP) – Mitt Romney’s visit to New Hampshire started on a sour note Tuesday when a restaurant patron declared he would not vote for the Republican presidential contender because of his faith.

“I’m one person who will not vote for a Mormon,” Al Michaud of Dover shouted at Romney when the former Massachusetts governor approached him inside Harvey’s Bakery. Romney was kicking off the second of two day’s worth of campaign visits in the lead primary state.

Romney kept smiling as he asked, “Can I shake your hand anyway?”

Michaud replied, “No.”

Michaud later told reporters he was not “a right-winger,” alluding to some evangelical Christians who have compared Romney’s faith to a cult. Instead, Michaud stated he was “a liberal.”

He said he planned to vote for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., should she win the Democratic presidential nomination.

If elected, Romney would be the first Mormon to serve in the White House.

There are certainly some conservatives who won’t vote for a Mormon, but there’s much more evidence that much of the anti-Mormon bigotry is on the left.  Perhaps MSM will get around to speculating why that is, and will discover that the morals of most Mormons are not of the sort that attract the left and its attachment to license in most areas of human behavior, and that specifically Romney’s defense of marriage as an institution reserved for one man and one woman is a great irritation to many on the left.

In other political news, there’s a profile in the Minneapolis Star Tribune of Governor Tim Pawlenty, who will be on everyone’s short list of veep possibilities, and for very good reasons detailed int he article.  When Senator McCain folds his campaign tent, it will be very interesting to see which way Pawelnty goes.  As Dean notes below, McCain’s numbers continue their slide, and the long summer ahead with a focus on immigration won’t do any favors to the senator.  Don’t be surprised if Labor Day arrives and Senator McCain has decided that he wants to focus his energies on legislative achievements and leaves the presidential campaign to others.


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