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Hillary Compares Putin To Hitler, Which Makes The Reset Button…

Wednesday, March 5, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Hillary, believe it or not, is throwing around the H word, which really takes some chutzpah, and should remind a few folk of Samuel Hoare.

Samuel Hoare, one of the inner core of appeasers, authored the Hoare-Laval Pact, which is sort of like the Clinton-Lavrov Pact, otherwise known as the reset button. The Hoare-Laval pact drew enormous criticism as rank appeasement and cost Hoare his job as foreign secretary, but the fellow landed on his feat again and again until Winston Churchill became Prime Minister and all but sacked him –exiling him to Spain for the duration of the war.

Hillary intends to slip all responsibility for Putin unleashed, Libya in shambles, Syria gassed, Egypt alienated, the PRC cresting, the Norks nuked-up and the mullahs on the brink.  Incredibly, she has media allies helping her along.

The U.S. is stumbling and bumbling through a response to Putin’s naked aggression, mulling some unilateral steps it ought to have surfaced three weeks ago and implemented the day the Russian invasion commenced.

Two things for Russia to remember (and the U.S.): This, and this.

The G-* kick-out should be done already.  That is a pure Obama decision.  He says they are out, they are out.  There is no “G-7” without the U.S.  Period.  So if the president wants to begin to reclaim a shred of respect abroad (see The New York Times Peter Baker’s conversation with me from yesterday) he tosses Russia out today.  Let them apply to rejoin after their troops are out of the Crimea and Georgia.

There’s plenty the U.S. can and should do, alone if need be.  And decency would require the former Secretary of State who sent flowers and champagne to the Russians, the Brotherhood, Assad, the PRC, the Libyan gangsters and everyone else she invited to the Reset Ball to keep a respectful silence as the rubble of her foreign policy smolders.

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