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Herman Cain to the Occupy Wall Street Demostrators: “Get a job.”

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Herman Cain opened the show today. The transcript will be posted below. His key message: “The president should say to them ‘Go home and get a job or go to school.'”

Cain’s new book:

This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House

This Is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House

The transcript:

HH: We begin with a magnificent guest, Herman Cain, the Hermanator. He’s running for president, and he has a brand new book out. Herman Cain, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show.

HC: Hey, Hugh, it’s my pleasure. Thank you so much.

HH: Have you given up your vain pursuit of the Atlanta Falcons yet?

HC: (laughing) No, I have not given up my support of the Atlanta Falcons. 2-2 is not a bad position to be in, because we still have a lot of football left.

HH: Just keep in mind that the Browns have their first round draft choice, and every time they win, they hurt your chances in Ohio. I just want you to know that.

HC: Hey, it’s not over until the game is played, Hugh.

HH: All right, now Mr. Cain, I would like you to begin by addressing directly the Occupy Wall Street crowd. What do you want to say to them? If we play them a tape of Herman Cain over a loudspeaker down on Wall Street, what do you want this crowd to hear? [# More #]

HC: I would want this crowd to hear first, your success is not dependent upon wishing that someone else is not successful. Blaming Wall Street and blaming big banks, and blaming those that have succeeded in America under our free market system is never going to make you happy, and it’s never going to make you rich. Secondly, if you really want to do something to create jobs in this country, why don’t you go and picket the White House. That’s why where we have failed economic policies. That’s where we have policies that have kept unemployment up over 9%. You’re picketing the wrong source. It’s not those that have produced in this country. It’s the failed policies of this administration. If you look in the mirror, you will realize that the only person that you can blame for what you don’t have is the person you’re looking at in the mirror.

HH: Herman Cain, you have crawled up. You have worked your way to wealth and success. And I’m curious from that position of having started…we’ve had you on before, we’ve done your life story, and you’re a survivor of cancer, etc. What kind of emotions do you have when you hear these people trash the country that gave you this sort of opportunity?

HC: My emotions are almost anger, quite frankly, because I think back to how my mom and my dad, they never played the victim card. That’s what the people on Wall Street are doing. They’re trying to say that we are the victims. No, you’re not the victim. They’re playing the victim card. My mom was a domestic worker, my dad worked three jobs. He was a barber, janitor and a chauffeur. I started with very little, but they did the best that they could, economically. They gave me some good values. I worked hard to go to school, I climbed the corporate ladder at Pillsbury. I went back and climbed the corporate ladder at Burger King. I continued to work hard, and so I don’t have a lot of patience for someone who believes that the government should take from one group and give to another group. That’s not how America was built. That’s not my type of America.

HH: Should President Obama address this crowd, which clearly comes from his Alinskyite side of the political ledger?

HC: He should address this crowd and tell them to go home and get a job, or go home and go to school, but he’s not going to do it, because President Obama is a redistributionist. He keeps talking about getting the rich to pay their fair share. Well Hugh, you and I both know, 50% of the producers in this country, 50% of the taxpayers, are already paying 97% of the taxes. What more do you want those that are the producers to do? And so the President should, because he could set a totally new tone. But you and I both know that he’s not, because he is a redistributionist himself.

HH: Herman Cain, at the last debate, you brought up the EPA, and I had Greg Walden on yesterday, I’m going to replay it today, talking about how the EPA is destroying the cement industry, the boiler industry. I mean, they’re crushing tens of thousands of jobs. In your world, do you find response to your attack on the EPA to be growing? Do people begin to understand what a job killer it is, and how the President is enabling it?

HC: Yes, and the reason is because the EPA is destroying jobs in a lot of sectors because of overregulation. The more I learn, Hugh, about the egregious regulatory environment being created by the EPA, the more I’m moving towards something drastic in order to deal with it. I’m going to, obviously along with who I appoint to head up the EPA, see if we can’t, you know, do an attitude adjustment at the EPA. I’m going to start with undoing all of the regulatory burdens that this administration has put on businesses, and then figure out what other regulatory things that we need to basically undo. It is killing, helping to kill this economy, it is killing whole industries. It is basically regulation upon steroids gone wild, and we have got to reverse that. And I’ll make sure that we do.

HH: All right, a couple of political questions. Your brand new book, congratulations, This Is Herman Cain: My Journey To The White House, is flying off bookshelves. It’s at, it’s linked at, This Is Herman Cain. But it has that subtitle, My Journey To The White House. A little presumptuous there, Mr. Cain?

HC: I was very presumptuous when I said my journey to the White House. You want to know why? Because I have been fully confident all along that I’m going to get to the White House. I said at my announcement, Hugh, that I’m in it to win it, and that I wasn’t running for second place. And the thing about it is, because of my confidence, and the confidence of my staff, my publisher, Simon and Schuster, they weren’t shy about putting that on there, either. And we didn’t predict that what happened with the Florida Straw Poll was going to be as big of a win as it was. We couldn’t predict all of the media attention that I have gotten this week. But what that statement said, even before this happened, was that I am confident that that’s where I’m going to end up, because the voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media, Hugh.

HH: Now Herman Cain, it’s only number nine. It’s only number nine on Don’t you expect people to drive it to number one? If you’re going to the White House, ought it not to be the number one bestseller at right now?

HC: (laughing) What I need people to do is to go online, and you can go either to Amazon, you can go to, and you’ve got three or four different sources that you can buy it. I need you all to buy your copy or copies of the book this week. Yes. And like you said, we’re only at number nine, but with your help, we can push it to number one this week, which is exactly where we need to be.

HH: (laughing) All right, Herman Cain, now I’ve got to go to the tough politics. I criticized your answers on Fox News Sunday and on ABC, because I think the media set a trap for you on the Rick Perry story. There was just no connection to the governor at all.

HC: Yes.

HH: Do you agree that they trapped you?

HC: No, they didn’t trap me, because I basically said look, I don’t care when they painted over that sign, Hugh. It was insensitive for it to be there as long as it was. That was the point that I was trying to make. Secondly, I have also said that I do not believe that that sign, or that sign on that rock, is representative of how Governor Perry feels about black people in this country. I’m done with the story. They were trying to make it into a bigger story than it is. It was insensitive, I stand by that. It doesn’t matter who owned it, it doesn’t matter when they did it. All the way up to 1983? It was there way too long.

HH: Does it have any reflection on Governor Perry whatsoever?

HC: Not in my opinion, and in my opinion, it doesn’t have any reflection on Governor Perry. And I quite personally would rather people move on from that. It is a distraction. I want people to compare my economic growth and jobs plan to Governor Perry’s economic growth and jobs plan. I want people to focus on my economic growth and jobs plan versus Governor Romney’s economic growth and jobs plan. That’s what I want people to focus on.

HH: The other eyebrow raiser was when you told, I can’t remember who it was, and if I did, I wouldn’t give him the plug, that you couldn’t support Rick Perry right now. And I’m looking for all the Republicans except Ron Paul to say about all the other ones, I am going to support the nominee, regardless of who it is, that comes out of this process. Can you say that, Herman Cain?

HC: I’ve got to answer that two ways. Now that’s an entrapment question.

HH: (laughing)

HC: I did say, Hugh, that based upon Governor Perry’s positions on some of the things today like being soft on securing the border, providing tuition assistance for children of illegal aliens, I have a heart, but I happen to believe you cannot basically provide incentives for people to keep doing the same illegal behavior. And based upon a number of other things, I can’t support him today based upon his position on things. That being said, I don’t think he’s going to get the nomination. Now if it’s one of those other candidates up there, I am going to support them 100%. If Governor Perry gets the nomination, I will still support him, but it won’t be 100%.

HH: Okay, last question, in terms of the 999 plan…

HC: Yes.

HH: Would you tell people if you really intend that to be implemented, because there is a criticism this afternoon that the revenue model doesn’t work.

HC: The fact of the matter is the revenue model does work. People who are trying to analyze my 999 plan, they need to talk to a gentleman by the name of Gary Robbins, who is an independent, outside analytical firm, who went through our revenue model and confirmed what we were saying, and that is it’s revenue neutral. People have a tendency to change your assumptions when they are trying to guess what you did, and come up with…I invite them to talk to a fellow by the name of Rich Lowry, who is the senior advisor on my economic team. I invite them to talk to an independent, outside firm called…

HH: Mr. Herman Cain, I appreciate you being here. And people, go get the book. It’s linked at Get Herman Cain to number one. Visit his campaign as well.

End of interview.



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