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Helping To Feed The Brain

Friday, March 21, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Newsbusters’ Matthew Sheffield interviewed Karl Rove. Key graphs:

NB: Let’s get some more media questions. So what’s your media diet like nowadays?

ROVE: You mean on an ordinary day?

NB: Yeah.

ROVE: I get Mike Allen’s overnight summary from Politico, I cruise, I get Taranto from the Wall Street Journal, I visit the Corner. I check Drudge, I check Fox News, I have a list of favorites that I sort of thumb through if I’ve got the time. I obviously read papers, the New York Times; the Wall Street Journal; when in Washington, the Washington Post if not, I get it online. I check out, most days, Instapundit, Power Line, Hugh Hewitt. Occasionally I’ll dip into Just One Minute or visit the Captain’s Quarters, I check out Michael Barone’s blog, and I look forward to getting Opinion Journal, and I get the NCPA summary. And I also get a news summary, a news clip early in the morning of all the clips.

If Rove started a blog, he’d instantly have traffic to match the biggest blogs. Any MSM outlet out there trying to juice its visitors’ traffic has got to be pushing Rove to get started. Sam Zell’s new Lost Angeles Times would be a perfect launch pad for RoveBlog.

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