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“Heads Up! All Scheduled Kerry Functions for 11/1/06 cancelled”

Tuesday, October 31, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

That’s the headline on a FreeRepublic thread.  Kerry the slanderer was supposed to be in Minnesota with Minnesota candidate for US Senate Amy Klobuchar and Pennsylvania with legacy candidate Bob Casey tomorrow.

Will the MSM press Klobuchar and Casey on Kerry?  Did they agree with his statement on Monday?  Do they accept his explanation?  Ought he to apologize to the troops, and not a Dick Durbin style apology, but the real deal?

Don’t hold your breath.  Trent Lott and George Allen get pursued by MSM from stop to stop post gaffe, but not Kerry and his would-be colleagues even though what Kerry said was not a gaffe but a slur.

UPDATE: The Corner has many updates, and it is clear that this is a giant story, a bonfire throwing a light on every Democrat who says nothing about Kerry’s slander. Also illuminated is the heart and soul of the Democratic Party from which has yet to issue a single critical note of their standard bearer from 2004.


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