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Haiti: A Year Later

Saturday, January 22, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Food for the Poor is marking the anniversary of the killer quake with an appeal for funds to continue with the rebuilding.

.UPDATE: I understand Chris Matthews slandered me on the opening of his program tonight. I am appearing at a school choice event with Juan Williams tonight so won’t be on air. (We need school choice to assure that more kids don’t grow up to “reason” as Chis does.) I have asked my guest host Carol Platt Liebau to encourage members of my audience upset with Chris’ baseless attack on me to respond with a donation to Food for the Poor via the above link. Nothing is better than fighting slander and hysteria with charity.

I have to note, however, that and NBC announced today that they want all the GOP candidates for president to show up at the Reagan Library on May 2 so that Politico’s John Harris and NBC host Brian Williams and other NBC-selected talent (Matthews?) can ask them questions. Since NBC’s Matthews acts this way and is so reckless with facts and argument and yet is not only tolerated but promoted by NBC, why would any GOP candidate cede control over their campaigns to NBC in the important first debate, or any debate for that matter? Any debate before late summer is a bad idea, but one sponsored and controlled by a network championing such outbursts is very much to be avoided. Set up a fall debate with CBS, ABC, and Fox, but a network without standards shouldn’t be at the table when the important questions get asked.

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