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Grim Grim Grim

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CEOs are polled quarterly by the business roundtable on their beliefs about the economy. Their collective confidence took the thrid sharpest drop in the history of the survey this quarter, and the specifics are here.

The leaders of business are pessimistic across the board: declining sales, hiring, captial expenditures and GDP are ahead.

It is grim, grim, grim.

It was also entirely avoidable —is entirely avoidable. It is Barack Obama’s recession that is unfolding and defeating him will stop it.

This story arrived midday yesterday and did not get much ink. It should spread today, and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan certainly should be pointing to it on every television and radio appearance and at every campaign stop.

Amerians have grown inured to economic bad news, and the horse race has kept some of the bad economic and foreign policy news off of the front page.

This is the sort of story, however, that travels whether the MSM relays it or not.

So too does the accelerating crisis abroad.

The Egyptian president delivered an uncompromising demand for Western submission on matters relating to Islam from the UN podium yesterday, and that didn’t create much of a MSM news ripple either. That is astonishing as well as the ongoing loss of Egypt by Bararck Obama is as much of a disaster as the loss of Iran by Jimmy Carter in 1979.

Indeed the Manhattan-Beltway media elites seems on lockdown, unwilling or unable to report on the obvious biggest stories with even their accustomed deference to the president. They aren’t reporting at all.

No matter. It is like the Chick-fil-A story of a few months back. That story developed and spread and the rally to the restaurant unfolded without any attention from the MSM at all. There is a new information grid on which the stories blacked out by the Manhattan-Beltway media elite travel as fast as any news ever has. It is pulsing and will do so all day with these stories and others, like the latest from Rasmussen, and anything else that ought to be driving the discussion because it is the discussion.

GOP activists who want the polls to show their ticket ahead by 5 points nationally or tied in Ohio have got to realize that hasn’t and won’t happen because of the obvious issues with the “inherently fishy” polls, as Michael Barone put it on my show yesterday. (The transcript of the Barone interview is here.) Powerline’s Steven Hayward muses on the battle for the Buckeye State here, and Paul Ryan’s chat with me yesterday about Obama’s war on fracking and energy production is clearly a big issue for Ohio voters, but the key is really to consider whether the middle class, independents, Catholics and Jews are going to vote for Obama in the same numbers as they did in 2008, and they aren’t.

The electorate hasn’t changed since the days this past year when Obama’s approval bottomed. No one has changed their mind about the president, and the news hasn’t gotten better –it has gotten worse. MSM polls are oversampling Ds, but look, as Jay Cost urges, at the independents within every poll breakdown. (Two of the past eight polls on Ohio show the president with a mere 1 point lead, btw, and they came with samples from the middle of the Obama convention bounce.) Obama has lost them, and he will lose more.

The situation is grim, grim, grim. Americans never vote for more grim. And especially not in Ohio, which has its first chance for explosive growth in two generations, a growth that the president is poised to choke with his new fracking regulations after the election. Word on that will get around, just as will the story on the CEOs and on Morsi’s speech. Never have so many journalists tried so hard to avoid providing the news and failed so completely at doing so.


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