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“Green Chemistry” Is Coming To California

Sunday, January 30, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My Washington Examiner column alerts readers to the approach of California’s “green chemistry” regulatory regime, which will further burden not only manufacturing there, but also any business that sells any product in the Golden State.

The draft regulations that were judged insufficiently draconian and sent back for toughening up before imposition are here.

The Nature article providing a brief history of the “green chemistry” movement that is referenced in my column is here.

And here is thelink to my law partner Liz McNulty, the CSPIA/FIFRA/Prop 65 guru, quoted in the piece. If Liz thinks California’s Green Chemistry Initiative is going to be an enormous hurricane of costs and troubles for business –and she does– then it will be a Category V storm.

Ask yourself how a state with 12.5% unemployment can possibly be doing this to itself?


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