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Greece and Utah and the California Primary

Monday, May 10, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a punishing defeat at the polls yesterday, and it was undoubtedly because she supported the bailout of Greece at considerable expense to Germans.

Utah’s incumbent U.S. Senator Robert Bennet was denied renomination by the GOP in large part because he supported TARP and was insufficiently vigorous in his opposition to the exploding size of the federal government.

People who work hard are sick of seeing their incomes taxed and then those taxes redistributed to people who don’t work hard. A tipping point was reached in two very different places with two very different constituencies, and we will soon see if it has been reached in western Pennsylvania and Hawaii where special elections approach. The Republican candidate for governor in California who most convincingly says “I will cut the budget” will win the primary in June –thus far it is Meg Whitman who has opened every speech for a year with that message– and Republicans across the country have to focus on this message between now and November.

Voters are exhausted by demands on budgets already turned upside down by special interests and by the unwillingness of those special interests to make sacrifices to keep fiscal ships afloat.

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