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“Great Powers” and the President’s First Address To Congress

Monday, February 23, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I’ll begin Tuesday’s show with the next in a series of hour-long interviews of Thomas P.M. Barnett on his new book, Great Powers. We’ll kick around not only the book’s treatment of Iran, Russia and China, but also President Obama’s opportunity to lay out his vision of the world he hopes to help craft between now and 2012.

Thus far the markets have been underwhelmed by the new president’s understanding of what powers economic growth. We have to hope that tonight our enemies hear a very purposeful president committing to the defense of the West and all that entails.

President Obama has had a very halting start to his tenure. But even his most vociferous critics should hope he delivers on his first speech to Congress, and in a way that no one can doubt his resolve to both protect the West and the capitalism that has made it so great a force for hope around the globe.

Great Powers: America and the World After Bush

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