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A Great Night for the GOP (and Cleveland)

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With wins yesterday by Senator McConnell, Congressman Kingston and Dr. Wehby in Kentucky, Georgia and Oregon respectively, the GOP appears to to have run almost the entire national gauntlet of Senate contests without giving Democrats and the MSM a candidate to use as a cudgel on the entire field as Todd Akin served in 2012 and Christine O’Donnell in 2010. (And did  I mention the Cavs got the number one selection in the NBA Draft as a wonderful encore to a good night at the polls?)

Jack Kingston is only in a run-off, to be sure, but one he should win on July 22, and California primary voters could still refuse to nominate Neel Kashkari, instead offering up the Minuteman-turned-would-be-governor Tim Donnelly.  In Iowa and Alaska, GOP voters have solid choices though Joni Ernst and Dan Sullivan seems to have established leads in their respective states.

The key of course will remain the party’s focus on the unfolding disaster of Obamacare –and it is a disaster on every level, as more and more patients are finding out as the “narrow networks” deny them the care of the doctors they were guaranteed they could keep even as they plans they liked and were guaranteed disappear.  The chaos abroad is also growing, and the Obama vacuum is sucking more and more of the world into the storms created by America’s withdrawal from the world.  Between domestic hardship and international peril, the case for a turn to the serious party in 2014 is strong and growing stronger.

Yesterday it was reported that CNN’s top dog Jeff Zucker said he would not be shamed into covering the Benghazi hearings.  Some Democrats might cheer that indifference to a story that defines this president and the likely next Democratic nominee for president, but in fact trying to pretend the hearings aren’t happening, just as many in the MSM are intoning the “all the questions have been answered” mantra of the White House plays into the growing electoral upheaval.  Americans know what is happening to their health care –they are living it, it cannot be spun– and they are intensely interested in why four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on 9/11/14 and no one brought to justice since, and Manhattan-Beltway media elite’s palace guard around the White House cannot will the story away thanks to C-Span 3 and new media.

The only thing that could save the Democrats from a crushing blow right now would be an international crisis, as the Cuban Missile Crisis saved JFK in the ’62 elections.  But this president acting decisively towards Iran or in the face of Russian aggression?  President Faded Red Lines?  Not likely.

The GOP has run its course and nominated terrific candidates across the country and is running a steady, principled and focused campaign even as the Benghazi GOP committee members —Chairman Gowdy and Representatives Brooks, Jordan, Pompeo, Roby, Roskam, and Westmorland— are all serious, sober, but very credible and able appointees.  They will have hearings and provide at least partial answers by November’s elections, and along with Obamacare’s continuing wreckage, will propel the excellent field of GOP candidates into a position to offset the president’s increasingly feckless and sometimes dangerous choices abroad and at home.


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