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Great Idea File

Thursday, December 15, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Friom my wonderful friend Kim, whose husband Jay is a tremendous musician (I tell you that to make the e-mail easier to understand):

Hi Hugh –

I was searching for a gift idea for a number of folks on our list. Since Jay didn’t have any new CDs this year, my normal gift idea was eliminated and I went searching through my idea files. I came across a flyer that I had saved from trip to New Orleans in the late 90’s. The firm is Laura’s Candies. ( They are in the French Quarter and have been there since 1913, so are a fairly well known institution. Thinking that this might be a cool way to help, I called to see what their status was.

I talked to the owner and sure enough, they are up and running. He shared with me that the store and his home made it through OK and they are able to handle all orders. I asked how they were doing and he said it was terribly slow. No customers are around and staffing has been difficult. He said that they would be OK for Christmas, but the best way to help now, is to send them business to get back on their feet. I’ll be able to give them a number of orders, but Betsy and I thought it would be good to let you know also. If you feel comfortable sharing this info with others, please do. A few pralines are certainly a happy lagniappe for helping folks in New Orleans!

Hope to see you soon!

What a grand idea. Send a little business to Laura’s Candies, and if you know of any other similar business operating in the Katrina recovery area that sells and ships Christmas gifts, send me a link, and I’ll add them here.


LSU blogger Josh Britton points to the online store for the French Quarter’s Cafe DuMonde

A hat store in New Orleans with an online site!

Cajun Kringle Cake from Haydel’s Bakery!

The Gumbo Shop is reopened and selling online!

Payless Cigars
is a Louisiana business.

And Vive Le France sells French products from New Orleans.
If you are going to buy French, at least park the profits in the recovery zone.

UPDATE: From a listener:

I am ordering $200 worth of these candies for our injured soldiers at Walter Reed.
I invite all your listeners to join me in sending a gift to our wonderful men and women.
Jeane Bell

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