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Grading The Pollsters and Demographics Breakdown

Wednesday, November 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Rasmussen was best. An excellent roundup from DailyKos.

The GOP got thumped by the young vote –66% to 32%. It lost the 30-44 year old vote 52% to 46%. As the GOP thinks through its leadership/chairman role, it has to realize that these demographics matter more than the older voters, and that the GOP is almost largely though not irreparably disconnected from them. Selecting House and RNC leadership with an eye towards the ability to get a hearing from those 40 and younger is crucial. Expanding the budget for the College Republicans won’t do this. Conversing directly and seriously through a variety of technologies will, provided it doesn’t sound like dad on the other side of the phone giving a lecture about 401(k)s.

Pete Hegseth is a model of how to communicate with all generations at the same time. He’s living in Minnesota right now, and has done a superb job with Vets for Freedom. Let’s hope the folks in the Congress ask Pete and those like him to help figure out the communications strategy going forward.

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