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Governor Richardson and Senator Hagel

Thursday, March 8, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Vacation off.

Politico lets fly with a hammer.  This must be the earliest attempt at a take-down in presidential politics history.

And despite Dean’s warm welcome to Senator Hagel, I think the Nebraska senator has figured out that Senator McCain’s campaign is fading fast and that the “maverick” vote needs a home.  If Senator Hagel gets in, it will indeed draw some votes from Senator McCain and give the Buchananites a home as well.

Leon Wolf of Senator Brownback’s campaign is sending around a link to this post by Leon Wolf.  It isn’t exactly the sort of post I’d be drawing attention to, but I am happy to oblige.  The post’s title disingenuously suggests that Mitt Romney’s sons and a campaign supporter crashed a Brownback event, when the underlying article indicates that Senator Brownback was invited to speak at a GOP event open to all comers.  The Wolf post also links to a Washington Prowler piece which links to this Politico story which is very favorable to Romney.  I’d say the blogging strategy at Brownback Central needs a little work.

Vacation back on.

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