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“Government “panels” making “rulings” over your body: Acceptance of that concept is what counts.”

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Mark Steyn continues to bring clarity to the debate over Obamacare.

As did Victor Davis Hanson to the broader subject of the Administration’s many pratfalls over the past few weeks in my conversation with him yesterday:

HH: What do you make of a couple of things, other controversies? It’s been such a bad week for the White House. They had to take down the hey, report your neighbor and the fishy stuff they’re spreading website, and now David Axelrod was sending out spam from the White House that have got people upset, and some people questioning the legality of that.

VDH: Yeah, you know, I think it’s part of the larger part where these radical egalitarians are just so convinced that their utopian ends are so humane that the means to get there are excusable. So we have these Orwellian things that we’re going to…anybody who’s supposedly fishy we’re going to keep tabs on them, we change the names of terrorism and the war on terror, we all of a sudden tribunals and renditions are good when they used to be shredding the Constitution, Guantanamo’s no longer a stalag, Iraq is off the front pages. I think the American people are starting to think you know what, this is a little creepy that the media is calling him a god, and we don’t like all of this. We don’t like this at all, this idea that they don’t have to play by the rules because they think that they are so humane, that it’s very Orwellian. And remember, Orwell was a man of the left, and said that the threat to freedom would come from a smiling egalitarian, not some guy goose-stepping in jackboots.

(Transcript here.)

The GOP needs to get its most compelling candidates for seats currently held by Democrats out front and engaged in this debate that the entire country is watching closely. This is a moment where much of America –and especially seniors– are defining the president and his associates as well as the Pelosi Congress, and Republicans have to make sure they are not perceived rightly or wrongly as part of the attempt to sabotage Medicare and introduce rationing as a means of controlling health care costs. This requires effective communication and repetition, and allowing the new faces to do much of the talking and contrasting makes great sense.

So where are they?


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