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Gordon Brown’s Retreat

Tuesday, October 9, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Rupert Darwell argues in this morning’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required) that Tony Blair’s successor Gordon Brown has made an enormous error by not calling for a n election:

And so Labour now begins its political equivalent of Napoleon’s long retreat from Moscow to the prospect of defeat in two or three years’ time. Mr. Cameron once promoted himself as Mr. Blair’s real political heir. Mr. Brown, who distanced himself from his Labour colleague, now looks like he may be only an appendix to the Blair years. That is one measure of Mr. Blair’s political accomplishments.

Darwell’s argument is that Brown is in a strong position, one which cannot but erode over the next year and beyond.

This is similar to the position Hillary finds herself in –atop all the polls and winning all the theoretical head-to-head contests.  But unlike Brown, she doesn’t get to snap her fingers and call the voters forth.  She has a long 13 months ahead of her, with increasing scrutiny paid to her hare-brained baby bonds, her isolationism and hger party’s defeatism, and of course her still smoldering desire to bring chaos to American medicine and call it progress.  We can only look forward to a 2009 seminar at the Carter Center starring former Prime Minister Brown and still Senator Clinton under the banner of “Missed Opportunities For Change: What Went Wrong and Why?”

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