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GOP 2012

Tuesday, January 25, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Mitch McConnell endorses John Thune for president and Mark DeMoss makes the case for Mitt Romney.

Both Thune and Romney are benefitted by alate summer/early fall start to the campaign for the nomination, as are all first tier candidates. The longer the shot, the sooner he or she wants the debates to begin.

The voters? In no mood for a campaign right now. Congress has enormously important work to do, and the focus should be on the battle to cut spending. The first of the GOP candidates to declare he or she won’t be answering NBC’s and Politico’s demand that they show up at the Reagan Library in May will earn some appreciation if not votes from conservatives across the country. Not only do we want the priority on the battles in Congress, we also don’t want NBC mediating and manipulating the republican nomination process.


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