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God and Tragedy: The Christian Response.

Saturday, September 3, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Radioblogger has posted the transcript of Friday’s conversation betwwen Dr. Albert Mohler, Dr. Mark D. Roberts, and Dr. John Mark Reynolds. This is Christian theology’s answer to the Three Tenors –each is very skilled, and together they are wonderful.

If I led a freshman seminar on any college campus in America, especially the campuses of Christian colleges, I would bein the semester by assigning the students to read this conversation between three superb scholars and theologians, each of whom bring to the table an enormous grasp of history and philosophy. In fact, I will ask each professor –all three of them are authors and talented professors as well as skilled in the pulpit– to suggest what readings might accompany the dialouge in the event some folks take me up on the idea.

And if you are a pastor, elder, or leader in a Presbyterian Church, USA congregation –or know one– please read this post. Thanks.

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