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Go Blue, Part 2

Monday, March 10, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

On Saturday I posted about Go Blue, the westward-wandering wolverine who turned up in the Sierra Nevada in late February.

Two reactions of note thus far.

My old colleague from KCET days, Los Angeles Times’ columnist and blogger Patt Morrison is worried that someone will try and snuff GB:

This discovery is good news for the environment but bad news for this wolverine in particular.

If the wolverine’s existence is verified and it’s found to be an endangered species here, which is being considered, that could upset the applecart of land-use decisions. Somebody might stand to lose a lot of money because of this critter, whose only natural predator is man.

It might not be just scientists who are trying to find the wolverine. Some other folks might be on its trail too … this time not with cameras but with traps, or even guns.

In nearly 20 years of ESA practice in California and the west, I have never heard of a landowner intentionally harming an endangered species, but imaginations tend to run wild on the subject.

Tongue-in-cheek e-mailer Peter R. accuses either environmental activists or ESA lawyers like me of planting GB to drum up business:

So an environmental activist grabs a wolverine in Michigan, puts it in a cage, drives it out to Nevada, and releases it, does that mean full employment for all of the endangered species lawyers?
If yes, perhaps the trial lawyers are the first to be investigated for collusion? Or to be given awards for providing jobs for unemployed recent law school graduates?
And how does this relate DIRECTLY to you as a graduate of the University of Michigan law school, did you bring in a fellow wolverine? You are tainted by your past association with known wolverines!
Did you now or where you ever a wolverine??????? Have you ever associated with wolverines?
By the way, from time to time (perhaps every three years) a Florida panther (aka cougar as you know them in the West) walks through the 850 home compound where I live, will our entire area be proscribed from cutting our grass and cleaning the mold off from our driveways?
FYI, the Florida panther (aka cougar) is endangered in Florida and there are perhaps 100 of them. A couple years ago some Texas panthers were brought in to improve the breed.
Anyway, what is most important is to provide full employment for otherwise unemployed lawyers and to suck a few tens or hundreds of millions of US dollars out of the USA economy.
Peter R.
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