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Giuliani Partners Represents Corporations!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The AP has a silly hit piece out on Rudy Giuliani that argues that the Mayor’s success in the world of consulting could adversely impact his potential campaign.  The article is genuinely clueless about center-right politics:

[Giuliani’s] recent corporate work could become future political hurdles in a presidential race: energy companies are unpopular in a country still adjusting to the higher cost of gasoline and other fuels, and Giuliani has staked out the controversial position that the United States should build more nuclear power plants to meet its energy demands. The firm’s client roster could also open him to attacks that he was aligned with corporate polluters even if he didn’t represent all the companies directly.

I suppose this would be true if Giuliani was in the hunt for the presidency of Greenpeace, but he is seeking the GOP nomination for president.

Then we get the recycled news that a fundraising plan was leaked to the Daily News and the shocker that Giuliani “has supported abortion rights, gay rights, and gun control.”

I don’t know if Devlin Barrett is a first year reporter, or a 20-year  time-server, but this isn’t reporting. It is anti-Giuliani agenda journalism.

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