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Geraghty The Indispensable, And Now The Optimist, On Edwards’ Anit-Catholic Bloggers

Thursday, February 8, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Jim muses that the embarrassment that Edwards’ bigoted and vulgar bloggers have caused candidate Edwards may have the effect of calming the seething on the left.:

By the way, if writing outrageous, furious blog postings can hinder your future career options, this may actually save the blogosphere. I’m not kidding. A wise man once noted that the character of the medium changed once bloggers started appearing on television. Suddenly, writing a blog wasn’t just a hobby or something done for passion; it was a road to fame and fortune! Thus, blogger sought traffic to attract advertisers and other attention, and the dominant style got shriller, angrier, louder, flashier, less thoughtful and more instantaneously reactive.

Jonah likes to think so as well.

Perhaps, though that has not been the way of the angry left.  (See France, 1789 to 1799.) The ambitious among the angry left will certainly get the message that their words trail them, and that even the robust debates and clashes of mainstream politics shun nutters and bigots, but don’t expect that message to travel widely unless and until Hillary and other lefty leaders go Sister Souljuh on Kos and the further planets.  And that won’t happen until the fever swamp traps and destroys a few more campaigns.  Ned Lamont is already forgotten, and Jon Tester and James Webb are mistaken for other than the awful campaigns of Burns and Allen.  The seething will continue unabated, though the smarter climbers of the group will quietly begin to erase their worst and embrace the best models on the center-right.  Keep an eye out for the Cassius among them who abandons the vulgarity and the distorting rage.  But don’t expect the Lord of the Flies dance to end any time soon.

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