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George Will and Afghanistan

Tuesday, September 1, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I began the discussion of George Will’s column on yesterday’s program, and will continue it today with historian Victor Davis Hanson and, if possible, author Steven Pressfield whose books and videos about Afghanistan are built on years and years of research into the region’s history reaching back to Alexander’s campaign. Perhaps Max Boot as well if he can be found, or a return from Fred Kagan who was on last week and is just back from Afghanistan.

There are intellectuals whose opinions on Afghanistan I value and the public should value. Not as much as the opinions of General McChrystal, of course, or General Petraeus, but those are classified. But in the absence of definitive direction from the Pentagon, the debate among pundits isn’t one in which all voices get an equal amount of credibility on arrival to the debate. George Will is hugely influential on matters of politics and baseball, American culture and the fortunes of presidents. He is at the very top rank of talented pundits, always worth reading.

But wether or not to remain in the battle in Afghanistan is a subject that has an all too direct connection to 9/11 and the potential for future mass attacks on the homeland. Allowing the Taliban to re-establish a sovereign state with the ability to welcome and encourage suicide jihadists is not a subject on which I trust Mr. Will’s judgment.

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UPDATE: Pete Wehner responds to Will at Commentary’s Contentions.

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