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Frontline’s Party Line

Wednesday, February 21, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Over at Powerline Scott Johnson is disappointed with the latest episode in Frontline’s series on the news.

What I think this series will demonstrate is what I knew from the beginning:  PBS cannot be balanced on issues central to the ideological battles of our day.  The folks at Frontline are full of talented people, and they really intended to be fair, but the institutional gravities of public broadcasting pull so overwhelmingly to the left and the way left that the results are guaranteed to be disfigured.

“You can’t put in what God left out,” is Sam Mussabini’s reply in Chariots of Fire to Harold Abrahams’ request that the coach make the sprinter fast.  The folks in the world of public broadcasting have all been singing the same songs in the same key for so long that not only do they usually believe everyone else is off key, sometimes they can’t even hear the other side’s singing.

It’s the Ancien Regime at work again.

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