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From Turkey: Very Serious News on The Avian Flu

Thursday, January 5, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My friend Charlie says I am an alarmist. But this is a very ominous development:

ERZURUM, Eastern Turkey (Reuters) – A second Turkish teenager died of bird flu on Thursday as a virus that has killed 74 people in east Asia claimed its first lives far to the west, on the fringes of Europe and the Middle East.

In a sign the disease may have infected people over a wide area of eastern Turkey, six people from a different province were taken to hospital with suspected bird flu. In all, doctors said 18 patients were under scrutiny and two of them very sick.

Turkish authrorities are quick to note that this “is not an epidemic spread from human to human,” and they are correct. For now. As far as we know.

Keep an eye on the WallStreetJournal’s online Avian Flu News Tracker.

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