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From the Publisher of the Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, September 13, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Today’s memo from publisher Jeff Johnson:

TO: Times Managers and Supervisors

FROM: Jeff Johnson

SUBJECT: Editorial Page

I’m pleased to announce today that Andrés Martinez, Editorial Page Editor of the Los Angeles Times, will now oversee the op-ed page and Sunday Current, in addition to his responsibilities for the editorial page. The change is effective immediately. Reporting to Andrés will be Michael Newman, Deputy Editorial Page Editor; Nick Goldberg, Editor of the op-ed page; and Bob Sipchen, Editor of Current.

Andrés is a great writer and journalist who has done an outstanding job changing the editorial page through a significant revamping of our approach to opinion journalism. I look forward to seeing The Times continue to engage readers on critical issues, including those of importance to the Southern California region.

Michael Kinsley, who has served as Editorial and Opinion Editor since 2004, is resigning from the paper.

Please join me in congratulating Andrés and wishing him well in his new assignment.


The editorial pages have changed? Does he mean the radical innovation of adding Margaret Carlson? Or the introduction of Robert Scheer?

And when is someone going to tell the Times to update its web page in real time?

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