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From “The Private Sector Is Doing Fine” to “A Step In The Right Direction”: How Would MSM Cover This If W Was President?

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President Obama rolled through my hometown region yesterday, and I love seeing Youngstown-Warren’s Channel 33’s coverage of his declaration that Friday’s job report was “a step in the right direction,” another head-shaking bit of bad spin that ranks with “The private sector is doing fine.” Cluelessness does not play well in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties, and outright deception fares even worse. If the president had given a full-throated endorsement of the energy boom sweeping the region, that might have been music in many ears but of course he didn’t and won’t because his EPA is in an all-out effort to kill tracking before it sets back the Green cause by a century.

The sad story about the restaurant owner who died a few hours after meeting the president is appropriately not the source of much commentary, but I can’t help wondering what the coverage would have been had such a sad incident followed a visit by George W. Bush even as I wonder how 41 months of 8% unemployment would have played in the W-era MSM, or the “This is a good looking woman” line. No matter. Voters know the wheels are coming off the president’s bus, and Mitt Romney’s “kick in the gut” rhetoric is exactly right.
The story on the jobs report by the Washington Post’s Dan Balz has a crucial line: “A quick turnaround doesn’t appear likely.” That is an ominous tolling-of-the-bell for the president’s re-election campaign, one echoed by the New York Times’ Catherine Rampell. As Mitt Romney amps up the focus on the job-killing impacts of Obamacare and the looming tax hikes, the president’s whiney rhetoric about how he inherited a mess will sound increasingly like the refrain of losers everywhere. James Pethoukokis helpfully reminds us that the president and his team promised us a rate of 5.6% unemployment in June of 2012 if we passed the Stimulus in 2009, as the Pelosi-Reid Congress dutifully did. Promise broken. Malaise alert. But not in this MSM. This MSM is quickly and quietly moving on to the next story.
Again, no matter. The voters know. And the sense that we must make a change and a fundamental one is growing.
Of particular interest in this context is Jeffrey Anderson’s brief account of his recent visit to the Reagan Ranch with his daughter. (The Weekly Standard is hitting on all cylinders these days, as this story on microtasking from Jonathan Last illustrates. The revolution in work is upon us and chance are the president doesn’t know because he doesn’t appear to read much from the other side’s best offerings.)
Anderson’s reflection on Reagan’s refuge reminds us that Reagan followed Carter and he brought along a GOP Senate. This weekend please help replay the election of 1980 on 2012 with a contribution to Mitt Romney and one or more of the key Senate races I have listed at my ActRight button
And of course be ready to argue the case against Obama’s re-election with your undecided friends and family by reading the Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall and Epic Fail of the Hope and Change Presidency. Facts are indeed stubborn things, and the facts of the president’s disastrous tenure are all laid out in the Brief.


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