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From Outside the Bubble and With the Benefit of Time

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OK – here I sit in California.  Further, I spent the weekend locked away from “the news” – memorializing my mother.  I am coming at this with fresh eyes and a very different perspective.  And some things seem obvious.  First obvious point, the host’s Sunday tweet:

Yep, should be obvious to anybody.  The court, as it has operated in my life time, is as close to dictatorial power as our constitution allows.  When you want to accomplish things where you will get a lot of push back, dictatorial powers can come in quite handy.  Not to mention once you have done so, you live by the sword, you die by it.  They are frightened of losing what they have “accomplished.”

Second obvious point was made by Andrew C. McCarthy in a blistering Saturday piece:

You have opponents whose first and only objective is delay. From the start of the confirmation proceedings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, those opponents, Senate Democrats, have thus pushed for delay. At every turn. Of course they never come out and say that’s what they’re doing — they never come out and say, “We’ve abused the confirmation process and dropped a bomb at the eleventh hour, an uncorroborated, 36-year-old allegation of sexual assault, because we’re trying to delay the vote until after the midterms.” But delay is what they want.

And he is just getting warmed up there.  But what is not obvious is what is happening with the delay.  It is more complex than simply stalling until the election and hoping.

The state of the media today is stunning.  Reading through the weekend, after the weekend, reveals that there was  massive coverage, words and words and videos and graphics and pictures and pictures, and there was no news.  Nothing happened over the weekend except for the fact that confusion was sown.  The nation was riveted by Thursday’s testimony and therefore hungry for information, but they were fed, all weekend long, empty calories. Hearsay, gossip, speculation, posturing, promoting, advocating – all of it happened, but none of it was news.  And the nation knows it.

I am sure ratings and hits were incredible, haven’t researched it, but I can promise you most people knew they were not being informed.  They kept watching and kept reading in hopes of getting some solid information – hence the ratings and traffic – but they knew they were not any better informed than when they started.  They divided and they fought because that is what people do – especially in the absence of information, when matters are perceived as pressing –  and that is sadly, what the Dems really want.

Into that level of confusion, anyone appearing to present answers will be granted far more authority than perhaps they deserve.  And that is precisely what the Dems want – more authority than they deserve.  In this cacophony, their arguments against the Kavanaugh confirmation carry far more weight than they do on a purely reasoned basis.  It is not about the evidence anymore, it is about the noise.  The delay has served to increase the noise, and make it noisier.  The delay was thought to provide information, but to date that is not what is happening, there is just noise.

Hence, even if the media is not actually and ideologically complicit with the Democrats – they are functionally so.  Simply by adding to the noise without adding to the information, they aid the Democrats and their objections to this fine man and this outstanding appointment.  So, while there are notable and wonderful exceptions, please spare me your protests of “journalistic integrity.”

And so I return to the McCarthy piece.  It is a tour de force in how things are supposed to work – what power Congress has and doesn’t have and how the branches of government interact.  It is actual information that people ought to have.  Read it.

There is just one remaining irony here I do not understand.  We have spent months discovering just how incredibly politicized the FBI became under Obama.  It is no doubt improved under President Trump, but to my mind there are still a lot of questions about whether the political purge of the agency is complete.  What in the world gives us any confidence they are going to give us a non-partisan view on all this?


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