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From Minnesota to Colorado

Monday, October 16, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I hosted a gathering of GOP candidates in the Twin Cities last night, and Alan Fine, Michele Bachmann and Mark Kennedy had the crowd pumped up and ready to staff the last three week push.  Congressman Kennedy had just returned from D.C. and a Meet The Press debate that went very well for him, and as Senator Norm Coleman pointed out, Kennedy has always closed from behind to win.

The ’08 Republican National Convention will be in the House that Norm built, The Excel Center, and despite my bitterness that Cleveland came in second –again– the Pawlenty-Coleman-Kennedy leadership in the Gopher State will assure a great convention, though I am stull unsure how anyone is going to get to St. Paul.

Off to Colorado now for a rally in Colorado Springs with Doug Lamborn and then to Denver for a broadcast with Bob Beauprez and  Rick O’Donnell.  The GOP turnaround in Colorado over the past three weeks has been dramatic and continues as the focus in the state shifts to the specifics of what a Bill Ritter governorship would look like –plea bargains for all?– and the prospect of a Pelosi-led House of Representatives.  It is still very much a red state, and Beauprez a great closing campaigner as well.

The latest from the Blogging Caesar shows the high water mark for the Dems I wrote about last week, with a five seat pick-up in the Senate and 20 in the House.

I refer you to the Cleveland Advanatge.

More from Denver tonight, but one note on the ’08 Republican National Convention which willl be held in the House that Norm Built –the Xcel Energy Center:  The Twin Cities Airport is perhaps my favorite in the country for ease of use and simplicity of design.  This will be a boon to convention goers. But, how are we going to get to St. Paul from Minneapolis?  Lileks assured me that buses worked in Houston in ’92, but I am skeptical.

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