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From Larry to Larry (but not with Lincoln)

Friday, March 31, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Larry Kudlow is a terrific television host, full of energy and the love of selling –which is why he’s a writer’s dream when a book comes out. On today’s show he plugged Painting the Map Red from start to finish of two segments, but he did so while calling attention to its controversial recommendations and assuring that the lefty Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter and Chicago Tribune MSMer Jim Warren got some shots in while Townhall’s Joel Mowbray got to add some depth to the center-right forces.

In short, a rollicking good two segments of television with smart, sharp panelists spurred on by a humor filled, somewhat edgy host.

Memo to NBC: Take a look at double-breasting LK with a pure politics show on MSNBC.

And here’s a quick recap of yesterday’s fun slug-fest with Fred Barnes and Bob Beckel, moderated by Mark Tapscott.

And Human Events reports on my appeal to exile Lincoln Chafee from the GOP to which he is attached in name only.

Now, to Larry King’s studio…

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