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From Coast To Coast: Tax, Tax, Tax and Spend, Spend, Spend

Thursday, February 12, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Details of the massive tax hikes in California’s proposed budget jam-down emerged on the same day that D.C. Democrats put the finishing touches on their spending volcano, and did so in so partisan a way as to make a permanent mockery of President Obama’s claim for a “new politics.”

The only winners in the coast-to-coast roll-out of the Democratic era of big government were those connected to big government. The overreaching is so great, the tax hikes so high and the spending so massive that conservatives should take heart: Rarely have so many masks dropped so quickly in American politics. November 2010 is still 20 months away but the first month of the Obama years has been about clarity, and the California Democrats rolling of a palsied Arnold just underscored what the country is looking at down the road –more and more taxes to pay for every increasing government and shrinking services.

The California GOP’s legislators may yet reject the disgraceful “compromise” that contains almost nothing in the way of serious spending cuts, and if they don’t the ballot measures to follow in a special election –measures that are part of the tricked up “package” of reforms– will set up a chance to rebuke the state “leaders” conclusively.

No such chance will be offered to send a message to D.C., and in fact the legislation flowing out from the Beltway will get much worse before it gets better. But rarely has a majority party promised so much through its leader only to deliver exactly the opposite once in power. The Congressional GOP just has to make that point again and again, even as it loses battle after battle as various combinations of Senators Collins, Snowe and Specter provide the razor thin margins the Democrats need in the upper chamber. Senator McConnell and his team should work to slow everything down as best they can, while focusing the voters again and again on the immense gap between what President Obama ran on, and the bills he is signing.

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