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Friday Lineup: Ken Buck, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, Candy Crowley, Jon Chait and Brian Wesbury

Friday, August 13, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

This is the sort of line up of guests that listeners on AM 1260 in D.C. love on their drive home.

You can contribute to Ken Buck’s Senate campaign here. Buck leads appointed Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet by five points.

The Wall Street Journal piece I will be discussing with Karl Rove is here.

The New Republic’s Jon Chait has posted on Charles Krauthammer’s column on GZM, on the effort to stop an appeal of Prop 8, and on the Weekly Standard’s “Refudiate Obama” campaign. We will discuss all three.

And Jonah Goldberg’s piece on liberals and constitutional amendments is here.

I will ask Candy Crowley about the poll number that is most surprising to her –to me it is Ron Johnson’s lead over Russ Feingold.

And with Brian Wesbury I will be focusing on the Democrats’ decision to throw good money after bad and spend another $26 billion we don’t have on state employee bailouts.

Another talk radio day of shout fests and unbalanced MSNBC-like rants.


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