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Free Keith

Friday, November 5, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

NBC is making itself look more ridiculous than NPR or any MSNBC host ever has with its suspension of Keith Olbermann.

With all the credibility that a two-time “worst person-in-the-world” winner can muster, let me join the chorus of Kos Kids in demanding the return of Keith. The idea of the “ethics” of the network being imperiled by a campaign contribution is absurd.

Transparency by lefties is much to be preferred than sanctimonious posing by lefties. Olbermann is nothing if not transparent. The whining of washed-up “journalists” and professors of journalism about “journalistic standards” are the most hilarious of the reactions. The MSM was and remains overwhelmingly left-wing. The idea that not giving campaign contributions somehow improves a journalist’s work is as nutty as the old saw about not registering in either party or not voting as a proof of jouranlistic credibility.

Put Keith back on the air. Nancy’s comeback bid needs him.

Update: Et Tu Christopher Hayes? No honor among lefties? “Oh, Keith is suspended? Can I have his job?”

Update: Worst People In The World for Keith organizes. Michelle won’t be joining.
Andy McCarthy is, and provides excellent analysis as well.


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