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“Frankly, I thought New Yorkers were made of sterner stuff than this-traffic is going to be disrupted?”

Saturday, January 30, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

That’s Ken Gude of the “liberal Center for American Progress,” as Politico puts it, which is closely tied to the Obama Administration. (Its director, John Podesta, was a leader of President Obama’s transition team.)

Gude’s comment reflects the left’s cluelessness about the public’s dismay at the decision to try KSM in a civilian court and to Mirandize Abdulmuttallab. In my remarks to the House GOP retreat today, I will emphasize that Congressional Republicans should be demanding every day that Gitmo remain open, that KSM be tried there before a military tribunal, and that Abdulmuttallab be remanded there for immediate and intensive interrogation as befits an unlawful enemy combatant who may possess information that could stop terrorist attacks on Americans and other innocents.


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