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Four GOP Congressmen

Wednesday, March 16, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I talk with Congressmen Jack Kingston. Doc Hastings, Jim Jordan and Mike Pence on today’s show. You can be sure we will be talking about this article and the very ill-advised attempt by some appropriators to shut up the deficit hawks and shut down the Tea Parties.

UPDATE: From an unnamed GOP aide, who is part of the mighty communications apparatus of the GOP Leadership:

One GOP aide unloaded on the conservatives, offering a more colorful view privately held by many other Republicans.

“These people aren’t thinking clearly. Their logic doesn’t pan out. They have NO plan. What concessions were they going to get if it failed? They were going to shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood?” the source said, “It was totally reactionary. These people got elected to lead. Instead they got jerked around by the political equivalent of music critics. If these people knew anything about governing, they’d be in Congress, not lobbing bombs from the cheap seats and sending out fundraising emails.”

The aide offered contempt for Pence in particular. “Pence is running for governor, and has to get through a primary, so his position is about as genuine as a $10 Gucci hand bag on Sunset Boulevard.”

Note that Bert Lahr is disparaging people for throwing bombs from the cheap seats, even as he or she rolls the grenade on to the floor.


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