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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush On The State of the Race

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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush joined me on the program today to discuss the state of the race for the GOP  nomination:

Audio: 02-18hhs-bush


HH: Governor Bush, welcome, how are you?

JB: I’m great.

HH: Tell me what you make of the Donald Trump-Hope “bruh-ha-ha.”

JB: What can I tell you, the device of nature of the Trump campaign is caused even the pope to speak out about it. I don’t question somewhere whether they are Christian or not, that’s up to them and their creator, but America’s not going to be led by someone that is as decisive as Donald Trump who preys on people’s anxiety and their fear, and I think that is the point the pope was making, but it’s not really his job to get involved in American politics so it’s just another weird episode in a strange campaign.

HH: Here is Hillary Clinton, I talked to your competitor John Kasich earlier in this show, I played him this. His conclusion was this quote by Hillary Clinton was worse than anything that happened Saturday night which included Donald Trump saying your brother has lied. So here’s Hillary’s quote from Tuesday.

HC: Republicans say they’ll reject anyone President Obama nominates no matter how qualified, some are even saying he doesn’t have the right to nominate anyone as if he’s somehow not the real president.


HC: That’s in keeping what we heard all along, isn’t it? Many Republicans talk in coded, racial language about takers and losers. They demonize President Obama and encourage the ugliest impulses of the paranoid fringe. This kind of hatred and bigotry has no place in our politics or our country.

HH: So Jeb Bush, what do you make of that?

JB: That’s a pander, that’s what you call a pander, Hugh. That’s trying to appeal to African-American voters as the Democrats try to do that, that’s how they roll, that’s how they play the game. Hillary Clinton, when asked who her enemies were, they have the standard answer, the NRA, the pharma companies, and then she paused and said, “Well, not really.” The real enemies are Republicans. She is a divisive candidate and she would be a divisive president just as this president has been divisive. Their first impulse is to divide the country, rather than try to unite around a set of common purposes and we need to reject that, out of hand.

HH: Now Governor Bush, this show in Switzerland, everyone is welcome here, but I also like to ask everyone how are you doing and what are you going to do because clearly this campaign is not the one you thought was going to develop. No expected to be talking on the eve of the South Carolina primary about the pope and Donald Trump in an argument, right?

JB: I didn’t expect that to be honest, Hugh.

HH: If you find me a consultant who did, I’ll hire them for anything, so what has happened and how do we fix this because politics is kind of sort of spiraled.

JB: Well, I think we fix it by the deal being narrowed over time, we’re in the third primary here, I know there’s this obsession to get on with it, but the simple fact is (laughs), Donald Trump’s got 18 delegates. You need over 1200 to win the nomination, there’s a long way to go. And I just have confidence that Republican primary voters and Americans in general have the ability to sort this out and that the Trump tirade will subside, people will interest on it. They’re going to want to know who has the leadership skills to really keep them safe and bring about economic security and who has the the detailed plans to fix the best of Washington.

HH: So Governor Bush, I asked–

JB: . . . I feel like I’m in better position than being the largest yeller on the stage.

HH: I asked Ben Carson yesterday if hes’ going all the way to Cleveland because he’s got some poker chips, he’s got some delegates. He said yes. Are you going all the way to Cleveland, come what come May?

JB: That’s my hope. We’ve got run every ballot, we’ve literally been putting the hard work and it’s not easy to be on every ballot in every state. Some of them are really arduous to get on, and we’re organized, so that’s my aspiration, that’s why I’m working hard, 16-18 hours a day.

HH: Do you think it’s going to be an open convention? We got 30 seconds, governor.

JB: I don’t think so, but it could, it depends on the field narrows over the next month or two.

HH: Jeb Bush, always a pleasure, governor. Thank you for joining me on a busy South Carolina campaign.

End of Interview


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