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Following The Buzz

Wednesday, July 18, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A story on demand for iPhones includes this nugget on iPhone buzz:

Meanwhile, the appetite for iPhone news — at least among editors — seems darn near insatiable. A second Blackfriars chart measures iPhone buzz on a daily basis by counting the number of iPhone news stories reported by Google News as of 9:45 EDT every morning.


Using the blog search function at TruthLaidBear, the four week trend for iPhone stories on the blogs tells a different story, with blog posts peaking on June 29 with nearly 1,520 entries that day, a number that had dropped to 329 yesterday.

The interest level in a story on the blogs has long been thought an excellent predictor of MSM focus downstream, but does the drop-off in blog interest have the same predicitve utility? I’ll ask NZ for his opinion on that.

Other questions: Do you think Steve Jobs has collected and read all the blog posts on his new technology? Before he read the GoogleNews stories?

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