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Finding A Primary Challenger For Ric Keller

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If you would be willing to support a primary challenger to Ric Keller, Republican from Orlando, a candidate who was for victory in Iraq, as well as experienced in both war and government and with an advanced degree in political science, please send me an e-mail stating the amount you would be willing to commit to immediately send to such a candidate upon his announcement of candidacy. 

My e-mail is

I think Ric Keller is in big trouble for having joined the White Flag Republicans.  I was sent this this afternoon:


About an hour ago I read your post and followed the links regarding my congressman, Ric Keller. I am mad enough to spit nails, and sent him this email:
I have voted for you consistently since 2000 as a resident of the 8th district of Florida.

This past November when you broke your promise and decided to run for another term after this one completes, my faith in you began to waver. To me that signaled you were no longer “one of us” but have become just another typical political hack, of which Washington DC seems to have all too many already (And yes, I know exactly what that means having lived and worked in New Jersey until moving to Orlando in 1998. Due to the NJ State related job I had at the time, I was able to see the 1993 gubernatorial campaign by Jim Florio from the inside, and I did NOT like what I learned – about either party).

Unfortunately your speech yesterday (Feb 14, 2007 regarding the Iraq Surge) confirmed that for me in no uncertain terms.



Your pandering to short term, media driven, popular opinion does not win any points with educated and thinking constituents like myself.

I particularly found your comment “The body bags were permanent” to be offensive and quite frankly, stupid. For a moment I thought I was listening to DNC talking points.

You were sent to congress by people like me because of our belief you would support the president and this nation’s foreign policy by making decisions and laws, as well as keep the machinery of the federal government moving. This means that in a time of war you need to be serious, refrain from grandstanding and work to keep our troops supplied with the material and morale that they need to get the job done. Your speech yesterday accomplished none of these objectives and was a waste of hot air and good time.

Your comments yesterday broke faith with the commitment of this nation to a war we are involved with whether you like it or not and that we must win. This is a dereliction of your duty and you are no better than a Clinton administration that utilized opinion polls to determine foreign policy. For the record, this is my “single issue” and I want you to know that you have lost my confidence in your ability and as such my vote.

Our troops are well aware of the debate going on in this country. Our enemies are watching very closely too and surely you have to be aware of this. If not, you are either a liar, or too stupid to hold further office. You did no good service to our country yesterday Mr. Keller, and I am ashamed I voted for a shallow fool like you.

I will under no circumstances cast a vote to send you back to congress in 2008 and very much look forward to supporting a primary challenger to supplant you. I have never spent a dime to support a political candidate, but I definitely will now – for your future opponent.

Best wishes in your future endeavors,


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