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Far from The Worst Decision, But Some Distance From The Best

Tuesday, December 1, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

President Obama’s speech reflected the deep unease he and his base feel with the projection of American power.

And it is very unfortunate that the president took 90 days to decide to short change the effort in Afghanistan.

It is even more dispiriting that he could not bring himself to use the word “victory,” and that he remains under the delusion that he has engineered a new start to America’s relations with the Muslim world, even as Iran holds Americans and Brits hostage and announces new surges in its drive for nuclear capability.

Still worse, he telegraphed our enemies in the region that he will cut-and-run in 18 months, thus assuring their celebration tonight as they tell their troops that their victory is assured if they stay their course.

But, it could have been worse. Much worse. The hard-left base that propelled him to the White House wanted him to declare defeat and flee. For whatever reason, the president didn’t give up. And for not being as bad as it could easily have been, we should be thankful.

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