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Monday, November 22, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The National Journal’s Marc Ambinder was dutifully doing his best to present the Obama Administration’s position on the president’s pat down policy, but any impact his piece might have had was overwhelmed by the photo that accompanied it.

The Washington Post reports a poll which shows what everyone already knows: It isn’t the scanners, it is the pat-down and the threat of pat-down that offends the public. The absurd defense that only a small percentage of travelers are actually subjected to the pat down illustrates the stubbornness and non-responsiveness of the president and his team.

The continuation of the Obama pat downs will lead to the question: “Have you been Obamaed by the TSA?” This is the equivalent of Carter’s gas lines. If the president insists on sticking with the hapless Secretary Incompetano, voters won’t forget or forgive in 11/12. They are again saying “Stop!” but just as with Obamacare, the president refuses to pay any attention to the citizenry.

He and the Beltway-Manhattan elites know better, don’t you know?

UPDATE: From this morning’s New York Times:

[T]he agency recently intensified its pat-down procedures, but, for what it says are security reasons, has declined to answer basic questions that might allay concerns that the new pat-downs are glorified grope sessions. How are these different from the old pat-down procedure? No comment. How are the officers trained to conduct these pat-downs? No comment.

There is no comment because there is no coherent answer unless a terrorist is in the United States and wanting to try and board with smoking underwear.

Americans want to know what is the threat and why does this procedure respond to that threat. If there is no threat or the proposed remedy does not actually make sense, they will refuse to shut up. Thus far Team Obama is saying “trust us, we need to do this,” but only a small percentage of the population trusts Team Obama.

And that is the problem.

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