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Everybody Knows Every Story

Tuesday, July 13, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Powerline’s John Hinderaker has a very important post on an exchange about the Black Panthers story that involved California Congressman Brad Sherman, who told a town hall meeting that he wasn’t aware of the case, which provoked an angry reaction from the crowd.

Sherman was either lying or telegraphing his woeful disconnect from any news he doesn’t want to consider as important to him. The Panther story has been everywhere for a week, and Sherman’s profession of ignorance was instantly understood by the crowd as either deception or irresponsibility. John notes that the crowd is very well-informed and that MSM cannot black out stories it doesn’t like anymore and this is exactly correct. Democratic congressmen are serially getting caught unprepared or defensive in their responses to an active and informed citizenry that is disgusted with long winded evasions and practiced canards.

Each of these episodes builds on the previous one, and the mood in the country will be implacably demanding a giant purge at the polls come November if the House and senate Democrats do nothing between now and then. A simple five year extension of the Bush tax cuts would immediately produce political gains and economic energy, but the ideologues at the top will not allow it, no matter how much sense it makes. And as the NASA/Panthers/vote fraud stories grow and grow, the movement demand a big brush will as well.


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