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Do We Ever Really Leave High School Behind?

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How many “teen” movies have we seen where someone in the “cool kids” starts a whisper campaign about someone that does not pay proper homage to those same “cool kids?”  It’s an old, old story and it often draws adults into the story because we experience it in our adult lives on differing levels.  Nonetheless, the norm in adult life is supposed to be that merit and accomplishment matter more than gossip and innuendo.  But I am beginning to wonder if we are not abandoning adulthood.

When I see stories like this from CNN, Newsweek, and Vanity Fair the image that runs through my mind is one of the press thinking they are the cool kids and getting really, really ticked because President Trump has not sufficiently kow-towed to their coolness.  (BTW, I chose these exemplars based on what came up first when I googled, not because of any unique qualities – they are far from alone.)  In case you missed it, the president got the full cabinet together for the first time.  The press has decided it was “weird,”  You know – like the “nerd” that embarrasses the cheerleader in class because he or she has actually read the homework assignment.

A few weeks ago I urged the president to try and win over the press, but I am beginning to wonder if that is really possible.  So petulant seems the press with stories like this that I am not sure they can be reached in any fashion.  But you know what really bothers me?  They are not really mad at the president – they are mad at the people who voted for him.  They are mad that the American people defied them and elected other than their anointed one.  To their mind, how dare we decide someone they deemed “uncool” popular?  The press is supposed to serve the people, not hold them in some sort of contempt when they behave differently than expected.  That they hold us in such contempt is what really, deeply bothers me.

The bother is on so many levels.  I have met enough of thee kinds of writers that the bother is not personal – I don’t really care what they think of me.  But I wonder if the nation can ever work really well if the press believes the nation serves it rather than the other way around.  But mostly I worry about people who are so convinced of their own superiority.  In all those teen movies the “cool” kids always end up on the short end of the stick.  Cool passes, accomplishment does not.

Humility can be learned as a part of our rearing or if we make it to adulthood without it we can get humbled and learn it the very, very hard way.  At some point the realization that they simply are not as cool as they think they are is going to hit these people and it’s going to hurt a lot.  I feel sorry for them to some extent.  But more I wonder how the nation will cope while the press deals with the subsequent depression.

In the end this is just another symptom of a nation that ignores the Christian virtue in its founding,


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