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Eric Cantor on the status of Obamacare, and the Democrats’ willingness to cheat to get it.

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HH: Joining me now to discuss whether or not they can stop it, Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the House Republican whip. Representative Cantor, welcome. Is the Slaughter solution going to turn this Congress into the kangaroo Congress?

EC: Hugh, you know, it is utterly amazing that we are even discussing such a maneuver. And let’s step back a bit. You know, there’s a reason why we’re talking about the Slaughter solution. There’s a reason why the vote has not been held yet. And that’s because the American people do not want this health care bill. But also, a significant number of Democrats have said no to this bill. And so the Slaughter suggestion is that somehow, we can hide the vote from the American people, and try and ram the bill across the floor. And so it is an unacceptable option, and the American people, your listeners, Hugh, ought to be outraged and speak up against it.

HH: Now Congressman Cantor, what do they actually, physically propose, because I’ll talk with Judge McConnell later today. I already talked to your counterpart in the Senate, Jon Kyl. Nobody seems to understand what do they propose to send to the President if they use the Slaughter solution in order to trigger reconciliation? It looks like they’re voting for the Senate bill anyway.

EC: Right, they will be, but not a direct up or down vote on the Senate bill itself. And that is their attempt to hide what they’re actually doing, because as you know, no member of Congress wants to be supportive of what the Senate turned out, which was, you know, this despicable display of backroom deals, political kickbacks. And so the members on the Democratic side of the aisle who are supporting their speaker and this president in this Obamacare bill, what they want to do is to be able to hide the vote. So they’ll bring to the floor the so-called reconciliation bill, the fixer bill, and while they bring that to the floor, they will have a provision which deems passed the Senate bill with all its frailties. That, as soon as the bill passes, introducing, if you will, the rules for the reconciliation bill, then the Senate bill goes to the President for his signature, all the while it being very uncertain whether the Senate could ever pass the fixer bill.

HH: Now Congressman Cantor, in terms of the votes for the Slaughter rule, I assume if they vote for the Slaughter solution, they’re going to vote for the Obamacare bill passing. Do you have the votes to stop it? Is this still up in the air? Or is it decided?

EC: Well first of all, Hugh, this is such a complicated process, there are so many tricks being perpetrated here, that you can’t really say that if someone would vote for one, they’d vote for the other on the other side of the aisle. We are in a full-court press right now to oppose anything having to do with this process or this bill. And right now, Speaker Pelosi does not have the votes. There are issues surrounding not only what happens if this bill passes and the government getting in between you and your doctor, but there are issues having to do with government support, taxpayer support of abortion, that the American people are firmly against. There is so much in this bill for us to speak out against and oppose, that we’re fighting hard to stop it any way we can.

HH: Last ten seconds, Eric Cantor. Do the phone calls and the e-mails still matter?

EC: You better believe that, and I would ask all your listeners to engage in any way they know how. Speak out in opposition to this travesty that Speaker Pelosi and a majority are trying to conduct on the American people.

HH: Eric Cantor of Virginia, thank you, Congressman.

End of interview.


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