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Eric Black, Reporter, The Minneapolis Star Tribune

Friday, October 6, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Eric Black of the Minneapolis Star Tribune gets major points for agreeing to be interviewed on his disappointing and in my view deeply dishonest reporting of the Wetterling campaign in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.  Not surprisingly though, we disagreed about every aspect of his coverage and of his paper’s systemic and probably untreatable left-wing bias.  I will play the interview in the first hour of today’s program, and the transcript is here.

I will leave it to Powerline, Ed Morrissey, KennedyvMachine, Anti-Strib and various other Minnesota bloggers to assess our arguments, and if they do, will posts links here. If I had a subspecialty in Strib studies, I would annotate the interview, but must yield to the Minnesota brigade.

UPDATE:  Both Morton Kondracke and Bill Sammon, experienced and widely admired journalists, had no hesitation in declaring the Wetterling ad a lie.  That transcript will also be up later.

 UPDATE 2Transcript now posted.  Audio will be up here later.  Though the Northern Alliance Radio Show is probably booked for tomorrow, I’d encourage Mr. Black to do the entire show some time with those gents.  The Strib can only improve if it engages it critics, and Mr. Black –affable and persistent though unpersuasive– would be a fine representative for the guild. 

UPDATE 3The comments thread on Eric Black’s blog is very interesting and often amusing.  My favorite thus far, from Eva Young:

I didn’t hear about this, and I never listen to the pompous windbag Hewitt – I much prefer Jason Lewis who is local.

I’d like to read the transcript. If the howling hurling, Hewitt fans are after you, you must be doing something right.

UPDATE 4BachmannvWetterling gives Black high marks.


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